TIMOR Shirt – Viscoise – White

Price: $189.00

These Gorgeous 'one of a kind' shirts are built around exquisite antique material sourced from East Timor and pays homage to the color, diversity and the spirit of these women.

Featured as the breast panel is woven antique 'Tais'.  Weaving of 'Tais' is performed solely by women with techniques passed down generation to generation and patterns and motifs are reproduced from memory. It is a painstaking and back breaking labour process that takes many hours of dedicated work. Their designs are so very special and important as it is a tradition that continues to allow poverty stricken women of East Timor a rare form of self expression in the restrictive environment of the 25-year Indonesian Occupation.

2% of profits generated from this collection will be donated to the founders of textilesofeasttimor.vstore.ca and donated to the women of East Timor who weave these amazing textiles.

Hidden treasures: The buttons on each sleeve feature the jewells of designer Rachel from Amari Kartini. Its all in the details...so divine. 

S/M - Aus 8-12
M/L - Aus 12 -14

Pictured: S/M size

Composition: Viscoise Twist, Antique Tais, 

One Piece, One Person:  Each shirt is individually hand made and each 'antique 'Tais' breast panel is unique. We will attempt to keep the pictures updated on the website that best represent the current color combination we are selling. As each shirt combination is different we cannot guarantee that the shirt you buy will have exactly the same coloring in the panels as the samples pictured in our look book and on the website. We think this is the appeal of this dress; hand-made, unique, boutique, individual...and a little bit lucky dip (just a bit). 

Once you place your order for this item, we will send you an email with pictures of the current options avail for you to choose the panel you like the best. We will do our best to have current pictures also of the options on our instagram and facebook page also.

Please contact us via customer care customercare@lisascloset.com.au with any questions if you are concerned about the panel colors and require further assistance. 

Pre -order: If this item is out of stock you can pre-order this item and if there is a waiting list then you will join the wait list. Pre-ordering means your order will be prioritised and it will guarantee that you will receive this item before it sells out. We must receive payment in full in order to prioritise and guarantee your order. 

Hand Made:  This item is made by hand and is pieced together from antique materials. Some of these materials have stains on them. Any inconsistencies should not be considered as flaws, but as an integral part of the garments character and indication of it's hand made process. 

Care: Dry Clean Only. 

TIMOR Shirt – Viscoise – White
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