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Seagypsea, Me and the Universe

Sometimes I’ll scroll through instagram and not very often, but sometimes, I come across an image that takes my breath away. An image that speaks to me. It was this way when I came across Pip Summerville’s underwater photography . I new instantly that I MUST contact her and we MUST be friends and creators together. And like a beautiful waterfall that makes its way to the rivers, so has been the flow and forming of our friendship – with such a beautiful ease and grace, like we have been friends for years and already know the cracks, bends and turns of each others rivers. Soul Sisters and Mermaids. Self Creators, Underwater Dreamers, Believers. Waterfall jumpers. River riders. Life sliders.

So grateful for the universe for bringing us together.

It is with absolute delight that I share with you our first underwater psychedelic mermaid shoot we did together in Byron Bay back in August 2013. We decided to make a few more friends along the way so we invited in amazing artists Celeste Twikler, Road Trip Jewellery, Amari Designs and Supa Sundays to be part of the collaboration. Big thank-you to gorgeous Krystal and Fleur for being our gorgeous mermaids for the day. It was soooo freezing cold! They did the most amazing job!

Pip Summerville Photography:
Celeste Twikler Jewellery and Art:
Amari Designs Jewellery:
Road Trip Jewellery:
Supa Sundays Sunglasses:
Model and HMUA: Krystal Perske: Insta:Krystalperske
Model: Fleur: Insta: Flirtini17


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