Fashion is an expression of yourself and Lisa’s Closet is an expression of who I am. Based in Byron Bay, Australia, I am blessed to live amongst real life inspiration that is of the ocean and of the earth.

My philosophy; Celebrate the Divine. Spirituality is within me. In 2010 I visited Bali and created an angel wing kimono. Around this time it was made known to me, and I felt the spiritual guidance of Arch Angel Gabrielle. I believe in angels because I choose to. In 2013 we celebrate what has now become a signature piece – our ‘Arch Angel Gabrielle’ Kimono.

My Style; I am a lover of all things bohemian. I collect treasures from bygone eras. I am intrigued by the beauty that lives within other cultures. I am retro 60’s, slam’n 70’s and RAD 80’s. I am gypsy. I am future chic. I am whatever I want to be.

My resolve; to create exquisite hand crafted pieces that exist only behind a story of ethics.

My Way; Influenced by ancient cultures, my clothing is becoming recognized for its bohemian flair, with touches of both elegance and playfulness. However, the real beauty exists within the production of the clothing. The kimono’s and silks are produced by hand using ancient batik hand painting methods. The traditional process of the clothing is a ‘labor of love’ and a beautiful hand crafted journey that transcends to the wearer. Designed to make her feel unique, luxurious, sexy and effortless.


I hope you enjoy looking in my closet.